Soft Shell Crabs the Best Seafood for Summer


Sea foods are very nutritious, and they have numerous health benefits. Soft shell crabs are always in plenty during late spring and early summer, and at this time you can enjoy more of these foods. These crabs are tasty, but you must learn how to cook them to have a delicious meal. Improper preparation can make you regret and even hate them forever. The best way to enjoy any sea food is to cook it in its natural state because refrigeration gives the meat a stale taste. Stale soft shell crabs are not appealing, and they may have a bad taste.

Soft shell crabs here are not different from any other type of crabs. The only peculiar aspect with these crabs is that they outgrow their shells. This makes these crabs the best type to cook because they have more muscle compared to the other types of crabs. Since the crabs must continue growing, they naturally shed off their first shell, and a new layer of a softer shell becomes.  The more delicate shell makes the crab a particular delicacy when they are in season. When the crab is getting rid of the hard outer shell, it develops a soft shell, and the harder shell absorbs water and eventually breaks allowing the soft shell to grow. The hard shell does not take long to break in 10 minutes, and more delicate shell regrows.

To ensure that you get the most edible crab you should catch them before the newer soft shell becomes hard. After cooking the crabs, you should eat them before they lose their golden colour.  They should also be served when they are crispy for a good taste. Boiling the soft shell crabs is not good as it makes the flesh to fall apart and they lose the taste. The crabs have natural sea salt, and you do not have to add any more salt when cooking. The other types of crabs have a hard shell that cannot cook making them hard to eat.  The crabs can be cooked in various interesting recipes which can be prepared at home.  Watch to know more about soft shell crabs.

The crabs have a natural flavor that cannot be found in any other type of sea food.  If you want to take the crabs for breakfast, you can sandwich them between French bread. You can prepare tangy lemon tartar sauce as it blends well with the crabs.  If you have to marinate the crabs, the best marinade is ready using rum and pineapple juice, visit website !