A Guide to Soft Shell Crabs


Soft shelled crabs make a Cajun delicacy if the following numerous ways to cook it are adhered to.

Normally a crab's shell is hard and for it to grow this shell has to be shed so that it can grow larger. Shedding of a shell is done monthly in a process called molting. On each molting season a crab grows by 33 % of its previous size. Molting is when a crab is seen crawling to get out of its hard shell. A female crab molts for about twenty times in their life. Male crabs molts a lot more times compared to their female. With age it becomes hard for a crab to molt and it is also not common for a crab to die while molting.

After the crawling out, there is a period when a crab has a soft shell and  that is what is used to cook the Cajun delicacy. This is when the crab is the tastiest to the taste buds and because it is also not very strong due to the process of molting. It is therefore easy to catch them at this time. Molting takes place in water.

When the crab is weak there are many ways to use to catch it. Scapping is one such method. This is done by using a handled net that is long and inside the water you wade looking for the crabs that are molting.  As soon as one is spotted it is scooped using the long net, click to know more!

The next method is using the male Jimmy to lure the ready to mate female crabs. This is done by letting Jimmy stay at the top of a compartment in a cage that is wired. Spot the place where there are many female crabs and place it there. Many female crabs will be attracted. Read h ttps://www.reference.com/pets-animals/explore/crabs to know more about soft shell crabs.

After using either of the above methods, you will definitely have many soft shells. You must learn how to clean them properly before cooking. Start by removing the lungs, cut off the section of the head and the apron section as well. A crab also has gills which have gray pigments that have to be extracted and removed. After this make sure all the crab meat is removed.

Lastly, get some recipes  by veiwing the website on how to cook the Cajun delicacy using the soft shelled crabs and it will amaze you at how these little critters can make a delicacy, click here to get started !